Copy, Paste, Meet: Copy Time Options For Meetings Into Email

Today we’re launching an easy way to copy-paste a handful of times into an email so your guest can pick a meeting time without leaving their inbox.

This is perfect for those meetings where you want the personal touch of scheduling it yourself (with a little automation, of course). It’s also great for meetings where you already have a few preferred days in mind. For these and more, you can now add time options directly into the email with your guest. 

Choose a meeting template. Copy and paste time options.

It’s easy to create these time options. First, choose a meeting template from the Chrome extension or click the clock icon next to a calendar page on, then select up to three days when you want the meeting to happen.

When you click “Finish and Copy Times,” our powerful scheduling technology will generate up to three times per day that match with the meeting template’s preferences and your overall availability.

Paste the times directly into an email, Slack message, or any other place where you want to share times, and click send. Your guest can choose the time they prefer, and the invite will be sent to everyone automatically. If these times don’t work for your guest, they can easily choose another time by clicking “view more options.”

Pro Tip: Every new user starts out with five meeting templates that reflect some of the most common meetings people do (e.g. 30-minute phone calls, lunches, and coffees). You can choose to customize or delete these, and you can create unlimited templates. Feel free to get specific!

Speaking of the Chrome extension

In addition to the ability to select and copy specific time slots, our Chrome extension has gotten a major upgrade to give you even more access to your meetings and your meeting templates.

No matter what you’re doing, your meeting templates are a click away with easy access to copy the link to each corresponding calendar page. You can also quickly see all of your upcoming meetings, without having to toggle between multiple calendars, and you’ll see the status of pending meetings that your AI scheduling assistant is working on scheduling. We’ll even show you which guests in your group meetings have yet to respond!

Versatility you can trust

However you schedule meetings, is built to save you time AND effort. We’ve spent the last 5 years meticulously tuning a scheduling engine that lets you and your teams easily share availability within a set of constraints to ensure meetings get scheduled.

When you copy specific time slots from into an email, you’re not sharing random free spots on your calendar. You’re sharing precisely extracted times that align with a meeting template and the preferences you’ve set for that meeting. These times also avoid conflicts with times offered for meetings that are still pending.

This feature, and all of the new features we’re building, are squarely aligned with our mission to make scheduling meetings more efficient, while also giving you more control wherever and however you want it.