Congratulations to our Meeting Template Contest Winner!

A few months ago, launched a Meeting Template Library to allow our users to browse different types of Calendar Pages that they can add to their account and use. We created categories organized by industry, type of meeting, role, etc. But you, as an avid and voracious reader of our blog, already knew that you can add Meeting Templates to your account for HR, Sales, Real Estate, and many other scheduling purposes. You might have also known that we launched it with plenty of ballyhoo and fanfare, including offering a randomly-selected user a $500 prize for submitting ideas for Meeting Templates.

Well, we’re pleased to announce that we do indeed have a winner! Congratulations to Cyrina Thomas, founder of Precious Plastics in Cincinnatti, for submitting the winning entry! Not only did she submit her idea, but her idea for a Meeting Template is designed to generate even more ideas… she submitted a Brainstorming Session Meeting Template. How apropos!

As a strong advocate for sustainability who encourages people to use less and value more, she feels that has helped simplify her business.

“ has combined tool sets for me so I need less apps and less emails to schedule which makes my scheduling more simple.”

Cyrina Thomas

The team sends a huge thank you to everyone who submitted Meeting Templates to the Meeting Template library along with a huge congratulations to Cyrina. You’ve helped create a useful and robust resource, and for that we owe gratitude. 🙏