Introducing Combined Calendar Pages: Schedule Meetings with Multiple Team Members

When much of the world’s workforce unexpectedly became remote overnight, there was no single roadmap to follow. Transitioning to remote work is a huge adjustment under any circumstance, and taking an entire company remote in the middle of a pandemic is, frankly, unprecedented.

As this massive transition happened, our customers’ needs evolved. Distributed teams need to be intentional about scheduling meetings, whether these are meetings between coworkers or ones with customers and clients. We have been working diligently to evolve our product offering to accommodate this new reality. Based on your feedback, today we’re excited to introduce the first of several new Team features: Combined Calendar Pages.

Schedule Together as a Team

A Combined Calendar Page lets you schedule a meeting with multiple members of the same team.

Combined Calendar Pages work just like our personal Calendar Pages: You’ll give it a name, then set rules for when and where you want to do these meetings, and how often. You’ll also decide which team members to add to the meeting template.

When you share the URL of your Combined Calendar Page, your guests can choose from times that work for all of your Team Members.

When your guest selects a time, the invitation gets sent and the meeting is scheduled. Pretty cool, right?

You can create an unlimited number of Combined Calendar Pages, with as many combinations of team members as you need. Any member of the team can create a new Combined Calendar Page and add in their team members.

Admin Controls

With an Team plan, you’ll have a layer of administrative controls that extends to Combined Calendar Pages, too. Team administrators can upload a company logo so it appears on every team calendar page. Team admins can also view and edit every Combined Calendar Page created by team members, and they can edit the Team Calendar Homepage. Our Help Center has detailed instructions on how to set this up.

What’s Next?

Can’t stop, won’t stop! We have some big new features in the works for teams and individuals, things like “Round Robin” team calendar pages, one-time Calendar Page URLs, and one-click scheduling in Slack. We’ve also made it even easier to invite your friends and contacts to create their own FREE account. Meetings between users can be scheduled instantly, saving you even more time.

Have an idea or a suggestion on something we can improve? Tell us! Send a note to — we read and respond to every single note.