The Chrome Extension

Announcing our Chrome extension! We want you to have access to Amy and your calendar instantly, which is exactly what our Chrome extension allows you to do. No interruptions to your workflow, no tab or window-hopping – just easily install the extension and start utilizing the power of from any web page.

Our Chrome extension is lightweight, easy to use, and most importantly integrates seamlessly into the ways you like to work. Need to set a meeting with a lead you found through Salesforce? No problem. Just remember that you have a meeting today that you need to reschedule? We got you. Want to send the link to a specific calendar page to a new client? Copy, paste, done.

There are a bunch of ways to use the extension, but here are a few features to get you started:

Start a new meeting from anywhere. Whether you’re using Gmail, Outlook, Reddit, even searching cat videos – you can start a meeting anytime and from any web page. Just specify guests, time, and duration, and Amy will handle it from there.

Immediately access your calendar page links. Copy links for specific calendar pages, or edit them if you need to, directly from the extension.


View upcoming meetings and take quick actions like rescheduling or cancelling.


Install the Chrome Extension Now

If you have any thoughts on what other features you’d like accessible to you through our Chrome extension, feel free to let us know! As always, your feedback is welcome.