Announcing Amy’s new skill: letting you see your entire meeting history

Amy, our AI personal assistant, is invisible software. She exists nowhere but in your dialog with her. Same goes for her twin brother Andrew.
Our goal has always been to mimic the interactions you’d have with a human assistant who schedules your meetings. And given the number of people who mistake Amy and Andrew for humans (despite the reveal in their signature file), we think we’re succeeding.
But there are some things that Amy is so good at, she’ll put any human assistant to shame. Remembering all of your meetings, ever!, for example.
You’ve always been able to ask Amy for the dialog on any meeting she’s worked on or is still working, but Amy’s photographic memory is surprisingly useful. So we decided to add every single meeting Amy ever negotiated for you, including the full dialog, to Cool eh!?
It might be the geek in us, but we think it’s a bit fun to browse all of your meetings and see Amy’s hard work. Digging deeper into Amy’s conversations with your guests, you can see how she conducted herself and how they responded. Especially on those occasions when you think something might have gone awry, looking at the meeting in question can shed light on the problem. As often as not a human has somehow flubbed a time or location. Seeing Amy’s decisions and why a meeting might not have been scheduled to your request can give you peace of mind and help you cement your relationship with Amy.
And then there’s just the nerdy stuff: how many meetings did you do in the past year? Past month? Are you getting more or less busy? What does it all mean?
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If you’re already one of our customers, go ahead and take a peek on If nothing else, you can trip down memory lane. And if you’re not a customer and would like to create some memories with Amy or Andrew, drop your email off here to get on the waitlist. You won’t be disappointed. Many more good things are coming this fall.