Why supporting Microsoft Outlook.com and Office 365 calendars is a big deal for us

Whenever you set out to create something entirely new, you are faced with a slew of tough choices that boil down to: How can we limit our feature set to the barest minimum and still make something useful? It’s hard enough to create something, anything, and software always has its challenges. It’s orders of magnitude more difficult to make something no one has ever made before and push it into the world. That’s what we are trying to do in building Amy, our AI personal assistant who schedules meetings for you.
We are most definitely in uncharted territory, and the bar is high. We need Amy and her brother Andrew to schedule meetings nearly flawlessly, otherwise one person ends up sitting alone at the wrong Starbucks, waiting for a meeting that will never happen.
So when we set out more than two years ago, we made the deliberate choice to focus almost all of our efforts on the AI behind Amy and support only one communication platform (email) and one calendar type (Google). Of course, we knew that many professionals rely on Outlook.com and Microsoft Office 365 calendars. And our beta customers have told us again and again that they can’t wait until we support those calendars as well.
I’m super happy to announce that starting today Amy and Andrew can now work with the new Outlook.com and Office 365 calendars.
I would be lying if I said that we surmounted a significant technical challenge to enable Amy and Andrew to work with these calendars. We obviously didn’t. What this really represents is their maturity; we’ve trained them up enough to begin to focus on the skills that make them mesh seamlessly into your work day. And for many professionals, this means working across Microsoft products.
While we know that Amy and Andrew have much more to learn, they’re getting smarter every day. And we’re getting closer to our goal of making our AI personal assistant accessible to all knowledge workers everywhere.
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N.B. It’s a coincidence that we’ve given Amy and Andrew this skill as the sun sets on Sunrise, but we’re excited to be able to schedule meetings for Sunrise fans looking for new tools.