All About Slackmoji

5 iconic Slackmoji to celebrate your AI scheduling assistant

If you haven’t heard, we’ve developed a full-fledged tech crush on Slack as of late. Not only did we build a Slack app so Amy + Andrew can schedule mid-Slack conversation, but we are everyday power users—even if it irks our fearless COO Alex.

One of our favorite features? Uploading customized emoji for use in Slack, which are colloquially referred to as “Slackmoji.” Slackmoji can be static or animated, adding a layer of creativity and expression to conversations. They’re emblematic of one of our core beliefs: that efficiency and fun aren’t mutually exclusive.

We’re so enamored by Slackmoji, that we’ve established a cultish group lovingly referred to as the “ iconography practice,” who ensure our office’s visual communications remain in tune with the latest developments in emoji, GIFs, and memedom.

Anytime we welcome a new hire onto the Slack workspace, we build them a personalized Slackmoji, which serves as a useful morale-building reaction for when they get shouted out in a #channel:

Of course, we also utilize our fair share of GIF builders to personalize our Slackmoji even further (our workspace houses 640 custom Slackmoji, a 12:1 ratio of Slackmoji to employees).

Here are some hall of fame Slackmoji (in no particular order):



















Recently, we decided to fully realize our love of Slackmoji and build a set of custom Slackmoji for superfans.

To use these on Slack:

1.) Right click and download the GIF.

2.) Go to your workspace drop down in your Slack window and select “Customize Slack.”

3.) Upload the GIF and give it a name (feel free to use ours or create your own). Once you’ve finished uploading, the GIF will appear anytime you use :name: on Slack.

For your scheduling pleasure, we present the official scheduling Slackmoji!





A bit basic? Sure, but a classic choice for introducing a new user to the wonders of Amy + Andrew on Slack.





It’s a satisfactory, triumphant, and conclusive feeling when Amy or Andrew let you know they’re working on your request. This one is perfect to share that feeling with collaborators.





Pro tip: you can’t select a name that’s already used for a standard Unicode emoji for your custom Slackmoji, so this one we’ve abbreviated to :cal: We like to use this one when the prospect of having a meeting arises in a conversation (“we should get together to talk about…”).





Amy is one of the biggest time savers on your team, ergo, it’s impossible not to love Amy.





Of course, Amy’s twin brother Andrew can do everything she can, and is just as worthy of your adoration.

Go forth and upload, and if you’re as infatuated with Slackmoji as much as we are, Tweet us your favorite creations!