A Wave Of New Features for August

Welcome, avid blog readers and schedulers of effortless meetings! It’s another month and therefore another tidal wave of features from the frenetic engineers who power your scheduling nirvana! Here’s what’s new for August.

In this article…

  1. Accept payments when scheduling a meeting
  2. Custom meeting reminders
  3. All-NEW Meeting Creator
  4. Know who has responded at a glance
  5. Set the location for embedded pages from your website
  6. Polished and streamlined guest conversations
  7. Meeting Creator button in Outlook web calendar
  8. Speed enhancements for Calendar Pages

Accept Payments On Your Calendar Pages

Your time is valuable. Now you can exchange that value for cash! With x.ai’s new Stripe integration you can require a payment from your guests when they schedule a new meeting with you. Simply connect your Stripe account, choose your currency and amount, and we’ll add the payment form to your Calendar Page. There is no transaction fee or other hidden cost, all you need is a Stripe account!

Custom Meeting Reminders

Plagued by no-shows and people ghosting you? Now you can send gentle reminders to your guests to ensure that they show up. You can choose the timing, the number, and the text of the reminders that will be sent. The text is fully customizable using a series of powerful variables. Attach reminders to your meeting templates and create a default reminder schedule for your emailed meetings!

Customizable Meeting Reminders from x.ai help ensure your guests show up on-time and prepared.

New Meeting Creator

With a snazzy UI, intuitive time options, and sleek usability features, scheduling a meeting right from your x.ai account just got so much easier. The new Meeting Creator is always just a click away. Just look for the “Create Meeting” button in your account (it’s hard to miss!). Just choose “Send via x.ai” and fill in your meeting details.

The all-new Meeting Creator is where you can instruct the Scheduling AI to email your guests or generate One-Time Links to send out to them yourself.

See Guest Statuses Everywhere

Sometimes life gets in the way of scheduling meetings and your guests simply forget to add their availability to your meeting. Some guests simply never respond to your Scheduling AI’s repeated entreaties to choose a time. Now you’ll be kept abreast of each guest’s status when your meeting is not yet scheduled because we’re showing you which guests have yet to respond in a variety of new places:

In the Daily Meeting Prep email:

On your x.ai home screen:

And on each of your Meeting Pages:

Dynamic Locations for Embedded Calendar Pages

It may sound like a bunch of jargon and tech-speak, but it really is a powerful little feature. Now you can create a single calendar page, add it to your website, and set the location from your site. It’s game-changing for real estate companies (set the listing address listing-by-listing) and similar businesses.

With dynamic locations, you can use the same Meeting Template to embed in your website and simply set the location automatically from your website with a few snippets of code. Learn more about custom embed options in our help center article about embedding calendar pages on your site.

Updated Email Experiences for Your Guests

When we launched our decidedly non-human Scheduling AI, the aptly-named scheduler@x.ai, we also went through all of the emails that the AI sends to your guests with a fine tooth comb. Not only did we eliminate numerous redundant emails but we also clarified the language and added helpful tips for your guests to ensure they schedule meetings with minimal hassle. Want to see what the Scheduling AI is going to send out to your guests? Look for the “Preview Email” button on the meeting page!

Meeting Creator Button in Outlook for Web

We’ll just assume you already have the insanely useful x.ai Chrome extension for this one. You do, right? Fear not, Outlook Web Calendar users, now you can quickly access the x.ai Meeting Creator from your Outlook calendar with the click of a button! Simply install the x.ai Chrome extension and you’ll see the button magically appear!

Faster Calendar Pages

We spent time digging into our code looking for every possible tweak, optimization, and enhancement we could find and the result has been faster load times for Calendar Pages, especially if you have a large number of events on your calendar. Embedded Calendar Pages now load quickly and smoothly, ensuring you won’t miss an opportunity to have a meeting!


Up Next…

There’s always more to come! We’ll be updating this post throughout August with the latest and greatest product updates, so bookmark this post and auto-refresh all day! We could not build the most sought-after new features and functionality without your feedback. Got a pet project you’d like to see us tackle next? Give us a shout at @xdotai!