A baker’s dozen of new updates to the x.ai scheduling platform

It is a thankless Sisyphean task for a blog writer to try to keep pace with the speed of our prolific engineering team. In the interest of keeping our users and fans abreast of the latest features, I’ll give it a go. So, assuming they haven’t launched new features since I started writing this, here’s some of the latest features we’ve added to x.ai in the last few weeks:

  1. Group meetings simplified
  2. New URL options for calendar pages
  3. Custom redirects for calendar pages
  4. Optional participant logging for redirects
  5. Updates to our Slack app
  6. Routing meetings to the right calendar
  7. Make yourself optional in meetings
  8. Custom notes to your guests
  9. Quick-access links on your control center
  10. More intuitive navigation
  11. Redesigned meeting page
  12. Updated meeting search
  13. Reschedule meetings not scheduled through x.ai

A more intuitive user experience for group meetings

Let’s face it, when you have multiple people at multiple companies across multiple time zones, each with multiple calendars, the complexity of scheduling a meeting gets… multiplied.

In an ideal world everyone on Earth would connect their calendars to x.ai for free and our AI would instantly find and book a time for all parties involved using our scheduling network. Alas, we are at least a few weeks away from that utopia. In the meantime, we’ve rolled out a much-improved update to the way we ask your guests for their availability. With a bit of light gamification and clearer instructions, we are now scheduling a higher percentage of group meetings than ever! This is what your guests see now.

Calendar pages get (yet another) upgrade

We’re never done improving our calendar pages. As we finalize some big upcoming features (cough, team calendar pages, cough), we’ve still got some highly in-demand features that we recently rolled out.

New URL options for calendar pages

A few weeks ago we surveyed many of our users to get their thoughts on our calendar page URLs. We presented 5 options and the most conclusive conclusion that we concluded… was that the survey was inconclusive. Basically, there is no single preferred URL format, so we figured why not let everyone have everything? First, we moved the calendar pages to the URL that was the plurality winner (our test account JenBot volunteered to provide examples): 


Don’t worry, your old calendar page URLs will redirect to the new URLs… and so will these formats, so pick and choose your favorite!

calendar.x.ai/jenbot (of course)
x.ai/calendar/jenbot (the old URLs still work)

Now you can save valuable keystrokes by using your favorite format!

Custom redirects

After a guest schedules a meeting on one of your calendar pages, we send them to the meeting management page by default. However, for numerous reasons (user experience, tracking, personal preference, rickrolling) you may want to send your users to a different page. Now you can do exactly that, by redirecting the guest to  an external URL for each of your calendar pages. You can also pass guest information in the URL if you choose to do so. Note: This is a feature exclusive to x.ai premium plans.

Slack becomes exponentially more useful

Our beloved x.ai Slack app has been used by thousands of users since we launched it nearly two years ago. This week we released some much-anticipated upgrades to the display of your meeting requests and included intelligent logic to give you the ability to manage your meetings in Slack. But we’re not done yet — soon you will be able to create, update, and schedule meetings without leaving Slack and without additional emails!

Feeling left out? Install the Slack app now!

Your meeting creation page just got more robust

Send a meeting to the right calendar every time

When you are a true time hacker, you will have multiple calendars; work, personal, school, church, HOA, pinochle league, etc. Now when you create a new meeting from your account, you can choose which calendar will own the event. Route your bowling night to your personal calendar so you don’t accidentally invite Melvin the gutterball champion from accounting.

Add a note to Andrew and Amy’s outreach

We’ve also added features to the Create Meeting page in your x.ai account. Now when asking Amy or Andrew to start scheduling a meeting from this page rather than from an email you can include a message to your guest(s) to impart some context. Letting them know that Andrew and Amy are reaching out on your behalf can help speed up the scheduling process.

A new look & new features for your x.ai account

We’ve added a bundle of new features to improve the speed and efficiency of using our platform at my.x.ai

Quick access boxes

Now you can easily access the most important information directly from your control center. No more digging around in menus looking for your calendar page URLs. Now your most-used calendar pages have copy buttons throughout your control center and the rest are a click away:

Updated menu structure for easy access

You scratched your head in befuddlement, we responded! We’ve now simplified our menus into a more logical structure, making it easier to find all of your scheduling preferences in the same place.

Redesigned meetings page with ALL of your meetings

Maintaining a coherent schedule is all about staying organized. With quick-access action buttons to reschedule or cancel, avatars to know who’s who, and a searchable page-by-page schedule, all of your meetings are organized and accessible – even meetings that x.ai did not schedule!

And more to come…

In the next few weeks we’ll have some big updates for our Team Plan features like shared calendar pages, round-robin scheduling, and more. We’ll also be releasing new versions of our Slack app plus updates to our email scheduling. We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our scheduling platform and the best source of new ideas is you. Send us a note @xdotai or open a chat with support and tell us your ideas!